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       Guangzhou Yidian Medical Equipment Company Limited is a well-known enterprise with China Timehonored Brand in our country, specialized production of EECP devices. 

       From 1956 to 1996,  Guangzhou Medical Instrument & Apparatus Factory
      Main products: 30mA~200mA X-ray units, dental equipments, dental alloy, denture powder (liquid) and some dental filling materials and surgical instruments. Started to developed ECP device since 1975, passed the appraisal and put into production in 1978, drafted ECP Device National Standard in 1988.


     From 1996 to 2006 renamed Guangzhou Huanan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd
      (This Company was a combination of Guangzhou Medical Instrument & Apparatus Factory, Guangzhou Medical Instruments Company, Guangzhou Medical Equipment Factory and Dong Fang Hong Medical Instrument Factory)
      Main products: EECP device, electrical radio-frequency treatment unit, dental instrument, light cure dental composite, central oxygen providing device and oxygen delivery system for hospitals, steam disinfection equipments, biochemical oven and medical beds.    
      In 2008  Original Enterprise System Reform, Restructure.

                                             Guangzhou Yidian Medical Equipment Company Limited
       Continue to be engaged in ECP device research, production and marketing.
       Before 2008, we produced WFB series of EECP devices, since 2008 we produced SECP series of EECP devices and successively won CE authentication and Russia Health Ministry authentication.
       Company general manager, Professor Liang Xiaoming once was the member of Standing Committee of Guangzhou People's Congress, the expert of state council special allowance, and won Guangdong 10 outstanding medical technology workers title. He is one of two medical equipment professional professors in Guangdong province at the present. Once served as chief engineer of both Guangzhou Huanan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd and China ECP Center (established on December 5 1987), and vice president of China ECP society (established on September 29 1986), and standing deputy chief editor of China ECP journal (published in December 8 1987), the chief drafter of ECP Device National Standard. Held more than 60 ECP training classes, and trained over ten thousand ECP workers. He is the largest and most comprehensive information holder of ECP both at home and abroad, and the first author of ECP and Its Device, and the only representative who attended all national ECP academic conferences and all international ECP academic conferences. (Below photo, Mr. Liang Xiaoming on the left)

       Mr. Kuang Yan, the current technical director of the company, a senior technician, once served as the director of the ECP factory affiliated former Guangzhou Huanan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. Mr. Kuang Yan is one of the ECP device founders, he has been engaged in ECP device technology development since ECP project started in 1976. and won the invention patent(positive and negative pressure air circulation system for ECP device, patent No 88203328.X), gained Guangzhou Excellent Patent Award in 1994. Mr. Kuang Yan always worked in WFB series of ECP devices' development and production, and successfully developed SECP series of EECP devices since 2008. And won the new patent(patent No. ZL  2009  2  0051529.0)
       Senior Engineer Liang Zhijian, vice general manager and chief engineer of the current company, once served as Technology Minister of original Guangzhou Huanan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. He has been engaged in ECP devices' technology development and technology management over thirty years, and achieved many development and innovation for ECP, won two Guangzhou Progress Prizes in Science and Technology, and successively obtained 7 technology patents.
       Vice General Manager Li Zhensheng of the current company, once served as first technical service director of original Guangzhou Medical Instrument & Apparatus Factory, responsible for ECP devices after-sales service all over the country, personally created over 30 ECP service centers around all the provinces and cities, and guided the centers to serve the customers. Later he served as marketing minister of Guangzhou Medical Instrument Co., Ltd, participated and organized ECP training, ECP academic conferences, and developed ECP market.
       Now the heads of the company's produce department, technology department, quality control department and other key departments are former Guangzhou Huanan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd technology skeleton. Carries forward tradition of Guangzhou Huanan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd and with both of reform and inovative ideas, lays the foundation for ECP device technology development.

       Senior Engineer Liang Xiaoming and Senior Technician Kuang Yan developed first ECP device together with Professor Zheng Zhensheng who worked in Zhongshan Medical College, and finally succeeded (September 1976). They still work in the forefront of ECP device.
       Our exclusive microcomputerized enhanced ECP device won China first ECP patent in January 1987.
       Senior Engineer Liang Xiaoming and Mr. Kuang Yan won the first patent of ECP device with negative pressure at home and abroad. We successively gained the National Scientific Congress First Prize, the National Science and Technology Progress Award, Invention Award, Patent Award, the National Technology Development Excellent Achievement Prize, the National Quality Products Prize, the National Key New Products Award.
       National Leaders made some comments and inscriptions for our developing ECP business.

      Successively sold more than 6000 sets ECP device to more than 4000 medical clinics. Treated millions of cases, and accumulated a lot of scientific research and clinical data, achieved good social benefits and economic benefits.  Europe CE certificate, Russian Health Ministry certificate. Our ECP devices successively were sold to USA, Canada, Colombia, Russia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Myanmar and other countries and regions.


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